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Great for weighing heavy people


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Please tell others on the net, newsgroups & chat rooms that there is a 500 pound scale designed for weighing people.

The Siltec PS5AP offers 500 pounds or 225 kilograms weighing capacity.  This is the perfect scale for obese people who can't find a scale that weighs over 300 pounds.

Now there is an economical alternative allowing you to weigh yourself without spending $500, $600 or $700 for a physician's scale (Seca 644 Handrail Scale 660lb x 0.2).  Most bathroom scales only weigh up to 330 lbs, which made it extremely difficult for someone over 330 pounds to weigh themselves without visiting the doctor's office.  If you are overweight please tell your Bariatric Physician about the PS5AP so other people can learn there is a low cost 500 pound scale available.

The PS5AP scale is also ideal for shipping and receiving.  Low profile design allows cartons to slide easily onto the weighing platform.

The slanted display is easy to read whether sitting or standing.  Weights are displayed in with the large bright red LED 4 digits (0.6 " high) and unmistakably readable.

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The PS5AP comes standard with AC Adapter with built in battery charger.  The unit can also run on six AA size nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries not included.

The display for the PS5AP is mounted on a 35" high post.  The indicator cable runs through the center of the post eliminating the chances of you catching the cable sliding parcels off the platform.  The post is constructed of steel tubing.

For those people who prefer the scale without the pole we offer the PS500L.  All the same great features just without the pole and $20.00 less.  Some people prefer no pole since it is easier to store your scale under your bed.

Assembling the PS5AP couldn't be easier since the manufacturer has included the required allen wrench so there is no looking around for any tools.  Simply secure the 8 Allen head screws and you're done.

The PS5AP is also used for weighing parcels.  Because the platform is 12" x 12.4", larger parcels cannot be centered due to the post's fixed position.  For this reason we sell more of the PS500L's and WS500L's since the scales offer the ability to center large parcels for shipping applications.

Are you considering buying the PS5AP for weighing yourself?  Can't decide if the PS5AP or PS500L is a better choice?  We have some ideas you might want to consider before you make your final purchase for a 500 pound scale - Click here.

Siltec scales are NOT Legal For Trade (NTEP/Type III approved) and should not be used in weighing applications where goods (i.e. fruits & vegetable) are sold by weight.  We offer a large selection of Legal for Trade scales to comply with weight & measures inspector's requirements


 CAPACITY: (pounds) 500.0 lbs
 READABILITY: (pounds) 0.5 lbs
 CAPACITY: (kilograms) 226.8 kg
 READABILITY: (kilograms) 0.2 kg
 TARE RANGE: To capacity by subtraction
 OVERLOAD INDICATION: Display indicates "EEEE" when weight exceeds full capacity
 DISPLAY TYPE: Large Red LED 4 digits with " - " sign, digit height 0.6 "
 POWER REQUIREMENTS: A.C. adapter included or 6 AA batteries
 PLATFORM SIZE: 12" x 12.4" x 2.4"
 DIMENSIONS: (h) x (w) x (d) 12" x 12.4" x 2.4" - Post 35" high
 NET WEIGHT: (approx.) (lb/kg) 14.7 lb / 6.7 kg
• Overload protection - display indicates "EEEE" when total weight exceeds full capacity.
• Tare - Full range, separate tare indicator.
• Platform - Heavy gauge steel sheet corrugated top design.
• Self Diagnostics at power up for circuitry and display segments.
• Automatic zero tracking which restores "true" zero after each weighing.
• Keyboard - one piece membrane keyboard.
• Load receiving element - full bridge, 4 strain gauge load cell.

Don't want to buy the PS5AP since you either don't need the indicator pole, don't want to assemble the indicator pole or want to just save a few bucks?  Then be sure to see the Siltec PS500L.

Need more weighing capacity or a larger weighing platform?  Be sure to see the Siltec WS-Series featuring a larger 15" x 15" platform and capacity up to 2000 pounds.  See the difference in platform size here.

Health-O-Meter 597KL digital medical scale uses sophisticated microprocessing technology for highly precise weighing results. These eye level electronic doctor scales offer a 500 pound maximum weighing capacity and increment 0.2 pounds. 597KL physician scale is equipped with wheels and a handle for easy mobility. This electronic medical scale comes standard with an RS232 interface, allowing you to connect it to a computer to export data. There is also a 24”-84” x 1/8” "Silent Slide" height rod for measuring a patient's height at the same time you measure their weight.

medical column scale
mechanical doctor scales We also offer Health-O-Meter and Seca mechanical physician scales.
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