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The Siltec line of bench scales is revolutionizing the scale industry as a low cost weighing solution for personal weight loss management programs.  Originally designed as a light industrial shipping and parcel scale, the Siltec line is now becoming a popular item for those people who just can't find a scale for home use that weighs over 350 pounds.

It's the perfect solution for dietitians who visit company sponsored weight loss programs either biweekly or weekly and need to carry the scale from job site to job site.  Dietitians have described the PS500L as a complete, economical, light weight, portable and space-saving weighing scale.

In addition, when the participants are weighed on the Siltec, they often wish to purchase one for their home use.  Surprisingly they are not sticker shocked.  While comparable models cost over $1000 (Seca 644 Handrail Scale 660lb x 0.2).  The Siltec line is reasonable priced with our most popular Siltec scale the PS500L.  Best of all they can purchase the scale in the convenience of their home either via the internet or calling us directly to place an order at 978-521-7095.

Now there is an alternative to spending outrageous money for a piece of equipment that does a basic task that displays your weight.  With prescription drug prices going through the roof it's nice to know there is a scale affordably priced for oversized people.  When you lose that weight you can still keep using the Siltec scale to monitor your weight.  The PS500L weigh in 0.5 pound increments all the way up to 500 pounds.  Therefore the scale display goes 0.5 lb, 1.0 lb, 1.5 lbs, 2.0 lbs ... 498.5 lbs, 499.0 lbs, 499.5 lbs, 500.0 lbs.

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The PS5AP with its 35" waist height column is a hot seller for home use. 

Assembling the PS5AP couldn't be easier since the manufacturer has included the required allen wrench so there is no need to look for any tools.  See the assembly drawing.  Simply secure the 7 Allen head screws and you're done.  Install 3 screws in the base for the pole, tighten the 2 preinstalled screws for the collars which join the two pieces of the pole and finally install the 2 screws to affix the top of the pole mount head to secure the indicator.

Installing the unit takes less than 5 minutes.

The 35" display pole is not adjustable, but instead a predetermined fitted height.  The display is positioned on an angle for easy viewing. 

The bright red LED offers little problem viewing the numbers in any lighting verses the monochrome LCD which are extremely hard to read in bright light or a dark room.

One item to note is the PS5AP is designed only to work with the pole.  Some people have purchased the PS5AP and later decide they now want to use the scale without the pole.  Some prefer to store the scale in a cabinet or under the bed.  Others are self-conscious about having a "heavyweight" scale exposed in their home.  The indicator cord CAN NOT be just pulled through the tower's pole.  Instead, the DIN connector that plugs into the scale base needs to be unsoldered.  This is not recommended and should only be performed by an experienced electronics technician.

Another slightly uncommon problem with the pole has been an obese person's stomach covers the indicator so they can't see the display.  For this reason the PS500L seems to be a more suitable scale for extremely obese people.  In addition, the PS500L can be easily concealed and easier to transport.  This is because the PS500L does not have the post.  The PS5AP and PS500L are the exact same scale, but one is equipped with a 35 inch waist height tower and the other is not.  Another major issue is that the PS500L is twenty dollars less than the PS5AP.

The PS500L can be conveniently be placed under a bed when not in use.  The coiled indicator cord (similar to the cord on a telephone handset) can be stretched up to 6 feet.  The "ON" and "OFF" buttons are large enough to be accessed by toes for those people who have trouble bending.  Electricity or battery power offers the convenience of hiding the scale under the bed without worrying about the proximity of the nearest electrical outlet.

Example: Now you can wake up every morning without bending, pull out the scale with your foot, weigh yourself by pressing the bottom with your toe to turn ON the scale, step on the platform and notice the weight display with the large 0.6" bright RED display, press the OFF button with your toe and push the scale back under your bed.

In some situations a person might have a problem standing on the 12" x 12.4" platform the PS500 and PS5AP features.  This is an inherent problem since the vast majority of even doctor's scales feature a platform similar in size.  Some people decide to purchase the WS500L since this scale features a 15" x 15" platform.  Still for others their obesity restricts them to place their feet on a 12" x 12.4" or even a 15" x 15" platform.  Take a close-up look at the difference in platform size here.  For these situations some customers have purchased two Siltec scales.  By standing on the two scales and adding the weight displayed on both indicators you can determine your weight.

Still not sure if the Siltec line is right for you?  Before you spend your money on any other scale than a Siltec consider:

Just press the ON Button, step on the scale and within 3 seconds your weight is displayed.  NO complicated configuration as with some other electronic scales, NO sliding the poise across the bar and waiting for the scale to balance.  Just press, step on, and read the display.

NO more worrying about where to locate the scale since you are not limited to power receptacle.  The entire Siltec line features a battery recharging circuit so all you need to do is purchase 6 RECHARGEABLE AA batteries and you should be set for many years.  Only rechargeable batteries should be installed in the scale if you are using the scale with the AC adapter.

The scale can be operated on the AC adapter only.  The problem occurs if you were to have alkaline batteries installed in the scale while the scale is OFF, but the AC adapter plugged in.  The internal charging circuit is always applying a recharging current to the batteries.  If the batteries ARE NOT rechargeable, it can result in damage to your scale.

Large 0.6 inch bright LED display can be easily read in just about any lighting environment.

The Siltec line is constructed with an anodized aluminum indicator which offers durability, sanitation and rust resistant.  Many of the lower quality platform scales found in office supply stores have an all plastic indicator and the display is a monochrome LCD which is often hard to read.

All the Siltec models offer a heavy duty reinforced dual top platform design.  The removable platform is pressed from a single sheet of steel on a 500 ton press.  The entire base features a painted baked enamel finish.  Most bench scale platforms are not removable, but this is an extremely nice feature especially for cleaning the platform for hygiene reasons.

At Precision Weighing Balances we sell only high quality scales that we test ourselves.  We don't promote low quality products since this will only tarnish our image and reputation.  In addition, low quality inevitably results in returns, thus higher operating costs result.  Our management decision is to offer only high quality products, buy them in bulk, pay for them in advance and pass the savings onto our customers with deep discount prices.  Often our deep discount prices on high quality scales are even less that what the office retail stores sell their lower quality scales.

health-o-meter physician scale We also offer Health-O-Meter and Seca mechanical physician scales.

Health-O-Meter 752KL with Remote Indicator professional medical weight scales from Health-O-Meter include a BMI function for quickly finding a patient's body mass index.   This professional precision medical scale also comes with dual load cell technology, an RS232 port, EMR connectivity, Auto Zero, Auto Off, Hold/Release key, BMI function as well as a scale handle for portability.

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