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The Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet rigid diet is for the treatment of epileptic seizures, either in conjunction with, or in place of anticonvulsant.  The diet is recommended for seizure control when anti-convulsants and medications have failed.  The diet seems to help in children under 10 years of age, mostly because of compliance problems, but can be used in older children and adults. 

The Ketogenic Diet is a therapeutic and specially calculated diet that is high in fat and low in protein and carbohydrates.  The stringent, mathematically calculated diet when followed conscientiously produces a by-product called ketones in patients' blood and urine.  High concentrations of ketones in the body control the frequency and severity of seizures, although the biochemical mechanisms for this phenomenon are not yet known.

The diet must be done with medical supervision and treated with the same respect as any other anticonvulsant medication.  Approximately half of the children who go on the diet become seizure free, and another large percentage have enough improvement to continue the diet. 

"Improvement" may be seizure control, decrease in frequency, decrease in severity, decrease in medications, cognitive improvement, and/or improvement in physical ability.  A properly trained physician, nurse, dietitian, or a health provider should be pursued for the correct initiation, maintenance and completion of the diet.

Most patients remain on this diet for at least two years, during which time medications may be reduced and even discontinued.  Although the diet is high-fat, patients do not gain weight because their caloric intake is restricted to 75 percent of their required daily allowance.  The diet is supplemented with vitamins and calcium, so patients do not suffer from any nutritional imbalance.

There has been some discussion and questions about which scale is adequate for use with the Ketogenic Diet.  Precision Weighing Balances has developed this web page as an information resource to display some of the available scales in today’s market place.  This is a small selection of the many scales we carry.  We do not recommend any scales and ask you to speak with your physician for the proper scale required for the patient’s needs.  You can print out this page and the related web pages who’s hyperlink is displayed underneath the scale.  This will direct you to all the product specifications on the scale including price, weighing capacity and readability.

Precision Weighing Balances offers a huge selection of scales and we normally have all the units in stock for immediate delivery and all unit are sold a discount prices even when purchasing only a single scale.  In addition, our core business is that of a wholesaler serving business in the resale of balances, scales and weighing accessories.  If you can purchase 6 or more units please e-mail us if there is not already discount pricing for purchases of 6 or more units on the web pages linked to the images to the right offering complete product specifications.

Examples of some of our wholesale prices for those people who can purchase 6 or more units include:


This is not intended to be a source of medical advice.  It is however intended to help you gain more information about the ketogenic diet.  There have been many studies published about the results of the diet.  We welcome your suggestions for additional links, which may assist others in deciding whether the Ketogenic Diet is correct for your family member.  The diet should not be attempted with out the guidance of a professional.  Please ask your doctor and/or a dietitian which scale will be best meet your needs with regards to the scale's accuracy.  Specifications regarding the scales listed within this web site where taking from the manufacturer's current documentation.  If there are any questions regarding product specifications we ask that you call the manufacturer directly.  Below are the 800 phone numbers to expedite this process.

Ohaus 1-800-672-7722

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